North Sumatra Volunteers

Come and Volunteer in Sumatra!



Are you keen to go on a holiday where you can visit the local villages and give back to the local communities that you stay in? Are you on a students gap year, a career break or looking for something to do in your retirement? Do you love adventure travel? Our Volunteering Programs might be just what you are looking for!

We are involved with a number of locally run volunteering programs, where you can help teach English to the local children, plant trees as part of a local reforestation program, help with wildlife monitoring or  assist with some community projects, like school house building, bridge building or building amenities blocks.

We partner with CareSumatra and Batu Kapal Conservation with wildlife monitoring and  tree planting reforestation projects at Batu Kapal.

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There are many volunteering options available. You can come to Sumatra for

  1. a volunteering placement from 1 week to 6 months,
  2. join a volunteering placement after your Sumatra tour or  trek,
  3. volunteering can be included as part of your Sumatra tour  or trek with our partner Sumatra Adventure Holidays,
  4. or you can arrange to stay after your tour for an extended time to join these very worthwhile programs.

Together with our partners, we help communities to secure the long term future of the people in North Sumatra through the education of our children. We believe that our future lies in their hands and education is the key.

There are a number of ways you can give back to the local communities that you visit.

Our Pack for a Purpose Program focuses on the provision of educational supplies to assist with our children’s learning of English and the Environment. You can also help  distribute the Pack For A Purpose school supplies, speak with the teachers and children as part of your trip,  and volunteer for a few hours to teach our children English, as part of your school visit.

Our Volunteer English Program. You can come to help at our English Schools  at Selang Pangeran and Gotong Rotong and volunteer to teach English to the local children in the afternoons for 2 hours.

Adopt a Tree –  Tree Planting and Reforestation Program. Do you love nature and the environment? You can also donate and plant a tree as part of Batu Kapal’s tree planting and reforestation project.

Extended Volunteering Opportunities.

There are opportunities to stay on after your tour to help teach English at our volunteer English programs or do some environmental volunteering at Batu Kapal for either a week, a month or longer. We are happy to  arrange this for you, for as long as you would like to stay. We can arrange food and accommodation for volunteers from $30 to $45 US a day. Please contact us for more information on our volunteering opportunities or to receive an information pack and we will be happy to assist.

Past projects.

Building an English school house and rebuilding the bridge at Selang Pangeran.

We  raised funds to build a school house and rebuild the footbridge that washed away in the heavy rains for the community surrounding Selang Pangeran. Selang Pangeran is a remote village in Sumatra, where a group of volunteers teach English to 40 local children on Monday to Wednesday afternoons every week. We are now raising funds for English-Indonesian dictionaries, school bags and school supplies for the children.

If you would like to participate in any of our volunteering initiatives or make a donation for school supplies for our English programs, please contact us at and we will be happy to make the arrangements for you as part of your holiday, career break, retirement, students gap year or as part of your adventure to Sumatra.